Monday, January 28, 2019

Artist Statement, Human & Machine

My idea for this project initially stemmed from professional athletes often being referred to as machines and transitioned into the creation of ‘master of their craft’ for each individual triptych. My human is represented by Frank Ocean, an acclaimed ghostwriter turned R&B star. I chose an artist for the human aspect of this project due to the versatility of their craft, being emotional and susceptible to the world around them through their art and creation. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson serves as my hybrid due to his nature on the big screen, charming all with his looks and sense of humor while still being an almost unobtainable figure as far as physique goes. Lastly, James ‘The Chef’ Harden acts as my machine. Often sports stars and professional athletes are idealized for their dominance in the sport as well as the extreme agility and stamina, almost like a robot or a machine designed for the game. For each panel, I wanted it to be simple in imagery but not necessarily design. I intended to us a gestalt approach from a freshman year intro class to create linear and geometric backgrounds.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Project 1: Photo Bibliography

PROJECT 1: For my Human Hybrid and Machine project, I have drawn a lot of inspiration from James Harden from the Rockets basketball team. When the project was first introduced I immediately thought about how professional athletes have often been referred to mechanical objects when they are really good, ‘he’s a machine,’ ‘she’s got a cannon,’ etc. An incredibly talented athlete, Harden is no exception. James Harden is often referred to as ‘The Chef’ and cooks up the score, and he is currently in the running for the 2019 All-Stars.

Often with his hands, he either ‘mixes’ with his hands or looks like he is eating something from a bowl. Several of the images I have gathered are variations of electrical mixing tools used by both professional and amateur chefs.

I intend to use a combination of the Houston skyline with netting images to create the background and texturize the layer. My color palette will likely be the ‘Rockets Red’ with black.

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